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The Situation

Preferred Health Partners (PHP) includes over 170 physicians at eleven locations. Preferred Health Partners Photo and QuotePatients can receive virtually all their medical services at any PHP location. A team consisting of physicians, specialists, social workers, nutritionists, and others work at each site. Group practices allow them to deliver better care, compete more effectively, and fight rising operating costs.

Joel Taylor, PHP’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), inherited an expensive, poorly designed, unreliable telecommunications network with 60 call-center agents handling thousands of calls a day. There were problems involving trunking, quality of service, call-center routing, reporting, dropped calls, and expensive telecom services. PHP’s existing vendors were more focused on selling them equipment and services than on making the existing system work.

The Solution

Having had prior success with Tellennium, Joel called on them in his first week at PHP. Tellennium soon provided detailed recommendations for resolving PHP’s issues. Tellennium’s Integrated Management System (TIMS)™ was also implemented to:

  • Manage circuit and equipment inventory
  • Streamline invoice processing and payments
  • Perform audit-and-optimization
  • Provide detailed telecom lifecycle reporting

After investigation, Tellennium recommended selecting a new vendor more capable of addressing PHP’s complex needs; helped manage the new vendor evaluation; and assisted in the contract negotiations. Together, Tellennium and the new vendor resolved PHP’s routing and operational issues.

The Results


Over a Million Dollars in Savings

  • 170 Physicians
  • 11 Locations
  • 774 Circuits, Services & Devices
  • 14 Different Vendors
  • 30% Savings to Date
  • 2,498 Man Hour Savings


PHP’s 60 call-center agents were handling thousands of calls a day, but myriad problems involving quality of service, call-center routing, reporting, dropped calls, and expensive telecom services were hampering up-time, call performance and negatively impacting clinical operations.
The future is brighter at PHP since Tellennium took the helm and created a phased plan to successfully jettison PHP’s poorly designed, unreliable telecommunications network in favor of creating and deploying an updated, custom tailored solution that functions better, cost less and offers real-time transparency and reporting.

PHP has fully implemented that custom detailed plan which optimizes PHP’s fixed and wireless telecommunications network and equipment to provide greater efficiency and easier management.

Today, Tellennium’s comprehensive telecom expense management system—Integrated Telecom Management ®—is averaging 30% in savings, completely paying for itself and providing funds to continue improving PHP’s technology.

“Our CFO loves the windfall of savings that this program has provided, and I rely on Tellennium as an extension of my company that delivers savings and can help take care of technical issues,” stated Joel Taylor, PHP’s CIO. Taylor added, “Tellennium produces results that consistently exceed my expectations. They look out for our best interests and show they really care about their customers.”

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