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According to the Aberdeen Group, a leading IT marketing analysis firm, the average Fortune 500 Company processes more than 15,000 telecom-related bills per year and the average mid-market company processes approximately 3,000 a year. Out of the thousands of telecom invoices up to 85% of those invoices are paid in full without an audit in a mid-market company.

These are just a few of the reason behind why Tellennium introduced Tellennium’s Integrated Management System ™ or TIMS, our SaaS based comprehensive telecom expense management platform that is designed to proactively assist our clients with the continuous management of their telecom processes and expenses. TIMS provides a single repository of all of your businesses telecom information. When the invoices are received by Tellennium, they are immediately scanned in TIMS using our OCR technology and each charge is reflected and audited based on a customized set of parameters. All discrepancies are flagged and our experienced team of professionals audits each discrepancy through to resolution – thus taking the burden of the auditing cost recovery process off of our clients and into an automated environment with knowledge based professionals. All data is stored in our redundant data centers indefinitely – so you will always be able to retrieve all of the invoiced information from TIMS with your secure access anywhere – any time.

The TIMS platform also allows us to optimize your services by providing a total inventory snapshot of each location. During the inventory process, we will identify each service, even down to each phone number and identify its purpose. If no purpose is identified during the onboarding process, then we investigate, alert our client and make a recommendation of next steps. Once the initial audit of the services is complete, we then look for opportunities to optimize and combine services as another means of cost savings.

We are your constant cost recovery auditors and service saving consultants thus saving you hundreds of hours, so your team can focus on business critical issues. Our mission is to assist you and ensure you do not pay more than you need to pay each day, every day.
Audit Dashboard Screen Shot

Audit Dashboard Screen Shot

Audit & Optimization Includes:

  • Circuit and Service Usage Analysis
  • Detailed Real-Time Inventory of Services and Devices
  • Purpose Descriptions and Analysis of each Circuit/Device
  • Rate Structure Applicability and Contracted Rate Adherence Analysis
  • Network Design Analysis, Mapping, and Inventory
  • TIMS Management Reporting Access
  • Detailed Recommendation Reports
  • Implementation of Approved Recommendations
  • Accurately Detailed Confirmation Reports

Our clients average expense reductions of 28%, through savings and credits (as confirmed by an eight-year analysis of all Tellennium Audit & Optimization and TIMS clients from 2002-2016).

If you don’t believe us – ask our clients! We also guarantee it!
Written Guarantee Seal

  • ROI Guaranteed: Tellennium will contractually guarantee our invoice management fee will be fully offset by the audit and optimization saving/recovery results generated within the contract term or you don’t pay anything over the amount recovered/saved.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – ‘No Penalty Back Out Clause’: You always have the option to leave us at any time, without penalty.