100% guarantee
  • True Objectivity & Integrity We never accept compensation from a manufacturer, service provider, or carrier. We meet the rigorous requirements of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants’ Code of Ethics. We work solely for our client’s best interests.
  • Knowledge Our consultants average over twenty-five years of experience with very diverse telecom backgrounds in carrier services and hardware/software applications including Hosted Solutions, SIP trunking, Mobility, Data Centers, Disaster Recovery, VoIP, Unified Communications, and much more. Our largest consulting project was for a $100M network including design and RFP specification development. We also internally test many bleeding edge solutions long before they are main stream.
  • Full Range of Services We are specialists in the telecom industry, with services ranging from objective consulting to auditing to continuous telecom management.
  • Flexibility We work with each client to tailor a solution that’s most appropriate for their needs; whether its a one-time consulting project, one-time audit & optimization, full lifecycle telecom expense management (TEM), internal audit & optimization support (DIY), MACS/AMC support, mobile management, or any unique combination thereof.
  • Real Guarantees We contractually guarantee satisfaction and hard dollar returns.